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M-8808EL Elliptical / Cross Trainer

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This elliptical machine, or cross-trainer or X-trainer delivers a good low-impact workout for those looking to improve their fitness. The cross-trainer operates smoothly and quietly for a comfortable yet effective workout.

Features of Elliptical Machine 
1. 10.5" high-precision LCD screen with blue background with large characters to clearly display the workout profile and other relevant information. 
2. Aluminum sliding rail- High-precision 6061 aluminum alloy ensures the durability of the fitness equipment’s sliding rail.
3. Intelligent workout adjustment with 20 resistance settings for any fitness level. 
4. Music, videos, and pictures can be viewed and played on this elliptical machine by inserting a U disk or memory card.
5. PU foam handlebar. All handlebars are made of PU foam due to its elegant appearance, comfort, and durability.

Specifications of Elliptical Machine
Resistance: 16 grades
Preset program: 6 types
Transmission system: Multi-wedged belt
Language: Chinese; English
Shortcut keys: incline, speed, quick start, quick stop and emergency braking.
Ergonomically designed crown-shaped bearing with big diameter reduces friction and brings more balanced rotation for flywheel.
Max user weight: 150kg
Power Supply: self-powered system; Max Voltage: 60V Max Current: 2A
Dimension: 2100mm×750mm×150mm
Weight: 120kg 
Display: heart rate, heart rate AVG, heart rate Peak, pace, average pace, elapsed time, time remaining, time in zone, distance, distance remaining, calories, hourly calories, calories remaining, power, metabolic rate training program; quick start, customized cool down, manual goals, mountaineering, climbing, fat burning, intermittence timing, cardiopulmonary function training, etc.

Display type: 10.5" LCD screen with blue background
Screen-saver: protective covering, built-in shock absorber and cushion blocking
Loudspeaker: Hi Fi stereo system
Headphone jack: 3.5mm, stereo 
Plug and play headphone jack: available