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M-5816 indoor cycling bike

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Based on the basic design of other indoor cycling units, this M-5816 indoor cycling bike is our luxury model. The sleek frame structure and color scheme of the bike make it a fashionable piece of equipment as well as a good fitness machine.

This spinning bike uses a PK belt for transmission, which not only reduces noise during operation but also prevents irregular movement caused by common chain drives. The flexibility of the belt is preferred by fitness enthusiasts as it makes pedaling feel as smooth and comfortable as possible. The M-5816 features an upgraded flywheel which is a vital component of a indoor cycling bike. The flywheel on this model is heavier than standard indoor cycling bikes (22kg compared to 18kg) which creates better inertial effects. The flywheel’s outer rim is stainless steel in order to extend the service life of the indoor cycling bike. The decorative features on the bike are made of PVC and can be customized by the customer. Both the rear and front pipes are made of aluminum to give the machine a luxurious look while maintaining a strong yet lightweight frame.

Specifications of indoor cycling bike 
N.W.: 75kg
Flywheel: 22.0kg