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M-8808 Functional Walker

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Our M-8808 functional walker is ideal for those people who want to lose weight but burn calories without much effort. Additionally, it can improve their body coordination and prevent joint problems. Through a single training session, our users will own all the muscles.

This functional walker possesses streamlined appearance. It is a perfect combination of sports, fashion and innovation. The product is equipped with LED touch display. Its handles and pedals can be moved by our users on basis of their own natural step or training target. Our product is often placed in the cardio training zone, which is next to the treadmills and exercise bikes.

Three different movements are available, including step, elliptical training, and running. In other words, users can choose a vertical step, a simple walk, or a long way feel of running. If they want to change the movement, there will be no need to stop this machine or take their feet off the platforms. Furthermore, our users can also decide the stride length and shape to receive a safe, effective and uncommon cardiovascular workout.

Main Specifications
Dimension 1905*765*1685mm
N.W. 105kg

Related Names
Treadmill Manufacturer | Indoor Running Exercise Machine | Weight Losing Solution | Fitness Training Equipment