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MTM Strength Training Equipment(Fashionable Version)

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

A perfect combination of fashion and strength, the MTM (Fashionable) Series strength training equipment features luxury configuration and gorgeous appearance. This series of weight training equipment sports several features including towel hooks, water bottle holders, LCD screens, and incremental weight systems.

Specifications of Strength Training Equipment 
Model No. Model Name Product Dimension N.W.
MTM-001 Chest Press 1440mm×1450mm×1700mm 283.5kg
MTM-002 Pec Fly 1440mm×1490mm×1980mm 255kg
MTM-003 Shoulder Press 1290mm×1370mm×1630mm 263kg
MTM-003A Delts Machine 1430mm×1700mm×1630mm 241kg
MTM-004 Seated Row 1470mm×1240mm×1630mm 265.5kg
MTM-006 Bicep Curl 1120mm×1620mm×1630mm 234kg
MTM-007 Tricep Press 1360mm×1240mm×1620mm 239.5kg
MTM-008 Assisted Chin/Dip 1360mm×1460mm×2360mm 283.5kg
MTM-009 Lower Back 1230mm×1270mm×1630mm 240kg
MTM-010 Abdominal Crunch 1140mm×1250mm×1630mm 204kg
MTM-011 Rotary Torso 1180mm×1340mm×1620mm 212.5kg
MTM-012 Lat Pull Down 1600mm×1490mm×2120mm 288kg
MTM-012A Seated Horizontal Pulley 1870mm×1250mm×1630mm 237kg
MTM-013 Seated Leg Curl 1580mm×1310mm×1630mm 260kg
MTM-013A Horizontal Leg Curl 1750mm×1290mm×1630mm 245.5kg
MTM-014 Leg Extension 1510mm×1340mm×1630mm 281.5kg
MTM-015 Leg Press 2060mm×1170mm×1630mm 338kg
MTM-016 Multi Hip 1130mm×1280mm×1660mm 235.5kg
MTM-016A Standing Leg Extension 2180mm×1160mm×1630mm 228.5kg
MTM-017 Calf Extension 1650mm×1320mm×1630mm 213.5kg
MTM-018 Adductor & Abductor 1500mm×1290mm×1620mm 266.5kg