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Strength Equipment

    1. MDM Series Strength Training EquipmentThe hardness of the saddle is designed according to ergonomics. The range is controlled within 65±5 degrees so that the hardness is moderate, thus being suitable for most users. The saddle is covered with leather which can survive 8000 times of friction carried out by 500g weights and without peeling and color losing. The optional standard configuration of leather color includes carmine, Chinese red, graphite black etc. And it adopts double yellow thread stitch.
    1. MZM Strength EquipmentModel No.: MZM-001
      Model name: Chest Press
      Weight stack (kg):
      Standard: 100
      Unit dimensions (mm): 1580×1055×1635
    1. MCF Series Strength Training Equipment Connecting assembly: Rectangular tube with big round corners (50*100*2.0T*R8)
      Counterweight box: Two-sided drum-shaped tube (60*120*2.0T) Streamline design makes the unit simplified and fashionable.
    1. LY Series The product is well designed with scientific structure and elegant and simplified appearance and made of quality flat oval pipes which bring better durability and safety.
      High quality steel cables are well distributed and make the movement trajectory more ergonomic, bringing more comfort and safety.
      The shroud protects users from weight stacks and enhances safety.
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