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Free Weight Equipment

    1. XH Free Weight EquipmentThe upholstery is made of PU material with one-step forming technology. The hardness of upholstery is designed according to the principles of ergonomics and controlled to be around C 65±5. So it's suitable for almost all users. The leather which wraps it does not peel off or fade after getting rubbed 8000 times with a 500g weight. Its color can be Carmine red, Graphite black, Chinese red, etc.
    1. XA Free Weight EquipmentModel No.: XA-00
      Model name: Calf
      Unit dimensions (assembled; mm): 1200×1840×1240
      Packing dimension (assembled; mm): 1810×1030×630
      Unit weight (assembled; kg): 166
    1. H Series Free Weight EquipmentThe H Series line of free weight equipment is more than just than just common free weights. This series of strength training equipment is expertly designed to have a modern style and places an emphasis on safety and convenience. The free weights are constructed form thickened and reinforced pipe to maintain structural integrity even under heavy loads.
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