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Production Facility
Machining workshop

MBH possesses a production facility spanning an area of 6,600 square meters with an annual output of 100,000 sets of fitness equipment. The workshop is staffed with well-trained management and technical personnel, and is outfitted with highly advanced production techniques and processing equipment. Therefore, quality fitness equipment with zero defects could be produced.

Laser cutting machine introduced from Germany
MBH has introduced laser cutting machine from a German brand - TRUMPF, featuring high cutting accuracy, stable operation, high working efficiency, and smooth cutting effect. It allows fully automatic feeding, testing, programming, discharging, and integrates self-detection, self-adjusting, self-repairing and many other functions together.

Vertical machining center (VMC)
MBH introduces Haas Automation Asia's vertical machining center, enabling a positioning accuracy of 0.003mm, and featuring high machining efficiency, good machining effect and  stable operation.

Horizontal machining center (HMC)
MBH introduces Taiwan Dechuan's horizontal machining center, featuring a high rotation accuracy of 0.001°, and a multi-coordinate machining, which helps to ensure the high quality of our finished fitness equipment.

Tube bender
CNC tube bender is introduced, which is designed with VB6.0 system, displacement compensation function, an adjustable bending angle with a tolerance smaller than 0.01 degree, as well as an attractive appearance.

Welding workshop

MBH enjoys a 6200 square meters' welding workshop, allowing an annual output of more than 100,000 sets of strength training machines and cardio exercise machine.
The workshop is outfitted with quality robotic welding arms and welding line, allowing decreased production cost and improved product quality.

Welding line
Six welding lines are installed in welding workshop, leading to a raised facility utilization rate, a increased working efficiency and leveled production.

FANUC robot arm
Nineteen FANUC robotic arms are equipped in MBH, which introduce new controlling device, allowing high-speed and high-precision welding. Meanwhile, since it gets rid of the manual operation, an improved welding efficiency could be realized. In addition, since it adopts the new arc welding software, good welding effect could be achieved under good efficiency for ideal cost effectiveness.

OTC Daihen's robotic welding arm
MBH owns six OTC Daihen's robotic welding arms, which features high working speed, collision avoidance, dustproof, automatic adjustment towards different welding modes according to the different arm lengths and applications.

YASKAWA's robotic welding arm
Thirteen Yaskawa robotic welding arms are applied in MHB's welding workshop. They all introduce Yaskawa's AC motor, and features compact structure, high reliability, smooth and flexible working, high welding efficiency, and wide working area.

Coating workshop

MBH’s coating workshop spans an area of 672 square meters, which is mainly responsible for strength training machine's surface coating. The workshop is staffed with well-trained management personnel, and is equipped with good production technique and production line, so that the zero-defect fitness equipment could be produced.

MBH Fitness masters a fully automatic shot blasting technique, which was adopted from China's successful brand Shangdong Kaitai. The technique enjoys high working efficiency, stable performance and fine working effect. Meanwhile, since it is always coupled with dust removal equipment, energy saving and eco-friendliness could be well ensured.

Surface coating
Good automatic hot air furnace, automatic production line, Gema Power Coating's injection molding equipment, refined epoxy resin powder, as well as brilliant dust removal equipment are all equipped in MBH. Therefore, eco-friendly, efficient, energy-saving, high-quality surface coating could be realized.

Pre-assembly after coating
After coating, pre-assembly will be started, which will be checked by professional technicians through self-checking and mutual inspection. Thus, assembly will be carried out correctly and efficiently.

Assembly workshop

MBH’s strength training machine assembly workshop covers an area of 800 square meters, supporting an annual output of 50,000 sets of indoor cycling bike. The workshop owns a highly advanced production line, which occupies the crucial effect towards the quality of finished products. So it is designed with easy operation, well organized production and reduced production cycle.

Assembly for spinning bike
indoor cycling bike's assembly line includes both pre-assembly line and main assembly line. Staffs worked in the assembly line are responsible for different works, such as in-line assembly, checking and packaging. With the assembly line, stable operation, brilliant spinning bike quality and high working efficiency could be achieved.

Assembly for treadmill
Treadmill assembly line could also be divided into pre-assembly line and main assembly line. In the assembly line, sophisticated personnel allocation system, automatic processing towards materials, in-line assembly, in-line checking, safety inspection, streamliked assembly are all achieved, helping to achieved an increased output and a decreased manual cost.

Assembly for strength training machines
Strength training machine's assembly line could be categorized as large strength training machines' assembly line and small strength training machine's assembly line. All the procedures related to assembly, including feeding, components assembly, self-checking, checking before inspection declaration, are all carried out streamlikely, perfectly meeting the requirements from manufacturing.

Export business packaging line
In export business, our fitness equipment are always packed with either cardboard box or wooden boxes. In the packaging line, sophisticated personnel allocation system, well organized packaging time, highly efficient packaging are all carried out orderly, which help to achieve balanced production and improved product quality.

Semi-finished products' storage
All the semi-finished products with clear labels are placed orderly in pre-settled position. Their delivery is in strict accordance with First-in-first-out warehouse management system (FIFO). Meanwhile, all the semi-finished products will be recorded before and after their requisition and delivery, thus to ensure the consistency between accounts and goods.

Finished product warehouse

Finished products are always placed orderly in our finished product warehouse, so that different products are stored in different zones with production date installed. Same kind of products manufactured in different seasons will be displayed in different area for easier warehouse management. Products' delivery is carried out with FIFO (first-in-first-out) system for reference. Thus, the delivery time could well meet customers' requirements.

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