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MUY Series

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Going beyond strength, we build beauty into the MUY series strength equipment. Each bodybuilding facility is a perfect combination of flat oval pipes and R8 rectangular pipes. It speaks of quality and class, carries with it something of prestige and elegance, and is sure to energize your gym space. The new lift seat allows easy height adjustment to get appropriate sitting position during strength training. Special frosted acrylic frame creates a rugged, attractive look. Durable aluminum pulley demonstrates quality and stability.

Model NO. Model Name Product Dimension N.W.
MUY-001 Chest Press 1535mm×1006mm×1610mm 218kg
MUY-002 Pec Fly 1060mm×1510mm×1604mm 204kg
MUY-002A Pec Fly/Rear Delt 1450mm×1220mm×1990mm 201kg
MUY-003 Shoulder Press 1520mm×1570mm×1609mm 200.5kg
MUY-004 Seated Row 1512mm×1070mm×1600mm 213kg
MUY-006 Bicep Curl 1180mm×1140mm×1604mm 179.5kg
MUY-007 Tricep Press 1540mm×1220mm×1605mm 217.5kg
MUY-008 Assisted Chin /Dip 1412mm×1280mm×2330mm 263.5kg
MUY-009 Lower Back 1240mm×1243mm×1600mm 193kg
MUY-010 Abdominal Crunch 1200mm×1245mm×1610mm 159.5kg
MUY-011 Rotary Torso 1260mm×1080mm×1610mm 167kg
MUY-012 Lat Pull Down 1780mm×1495mm×2016mm 232kg
MUY-012A Seated Horizontal Pulley 1785mm×1000mm×1610mm 189kg
MUY-013 Seated Leg Curl 1592mm×1210mm×1610mm 222kg
MUY-013A Horizontal Leg Curl 1710mm×1130mm×1604mm 204.5kg
MUY-014 Leg Extension 1162mm×1600mm×1610mm 223kg
MUY-015 Leg Press 1954mm×1115mm×1605mm 244kg
MUY-016 Multi Hip 1024mm×1020mm×1610mm 197.5kg
MUY-016A Standing Leg Extension 1260mm×960mm×1604mm 176kg
MUY-017 Calf Extension 1082mm×1610mm×1610mm 186.5kg
MUY-018 Inner Thigh Adductor 1200mm×1510mm×1604mm 199kg
MUY-019 Outer Thigh Abductor 1394mm×1214mm×1610mm 197.5kg