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MV Series

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. The MV series strength equipmenthas a consistent stack height, allowing your fitness facility to have a sleek and uniform look.
2. Independent motion is available, which provides a superior and natural workout feel.
3. Ergonomic contoured cushions with good, durable stitching.
4. Steel weight stacks with magnetic pin.
5. Fashionable and over-sized foot pads protect your gym floor, while allowing users to safely operate the strength equipment.

Specifications of Strength Equipment 
Model NO. Model Name Weight Stack (Standard) Weight Stack (Maximum) Weight Stack (Optional) Build Up Meas.(mm) N.W. (Standard Weight Stack and Shroud Included)
MV-001 Chest Press 80kg 130kg 100kg/120kg/130kg 1552mm×1006mm×1630mm 214
MV-002 Pec Fly 80kg 130kg 80kg/100kg/120kg/130kg 1520mm×1207mm×1630mm 218
MV-002A Pec Fly/Rear Delt 80kg 130kg 80kg/100kg/120kg/130kg 1420mm×1210mm×2030mm 210.5
MV-003 Shoulder Press 80kg 130kg 80kg/100kg/120kg/130kg 1713mm×1515mm×1630mm 198.5
MV-004 Seated Row 80kg 130kg 100kg/120kg/130kg 1530mm×1060mm×1630mm 220.68
MV-006 Bicep Curl 80kg 130kg 80kg/100kg/120kg/130kg 1150mm×1130mm×1630mm 184.5
MV-007 Tricep Press 80kg 130kg 80kg/100kg/120kg/130kg 1530mm×1230mm×1630mm 207.56
MV-008 Assisted Chin/Dip 80kg 100kg 100kg 1287mm×1480mm×2340mm 282
MV-009 Lower Back 80kg 130kg 80kg/100kg/120kg/130kg 1230mm×1257mm×1630mm 198.5
MV-010 Abdominal Crunch 60kg 130kg 60kg/80kg/100kg/120kg/130kg 1250mm×1180mm×1630mm 164.4
MV-011 Rotary Torso 60kg 130kg 60kg/80kg/100kg/120kg/130kg 1105mm×1240mm×1630mm 176.55
MV-012 Lat Pull Down 80kg 130kg 100kg/120kg/130kg 1480mm×1790mm×2020mm 229.5
MV-012A Seated Horizontal Pulley 80kg 100kg 100kg 1800mm×1010mm×1630mm 195
MV-013 Seated Leg Curl 80kg 130kg 80kg/100kg/120kg/130kg 1230mm×1600mm×1630mm 212
MV-013A Horizontal Leg Curl 80kg 130kg 80kg/100kg/120kg/130kg 1160mm×1660mm×1630mm 208.5
MV-014 Leg Extension 100kg 130kg 100kg/120kg/130kg 1605mm×1150mm×1630mm 228
MV-015 Leg Press 100kg 130kg 100kg/120kg/130kg 1970mm×1100mm×1630mm 254
MV-016 Multi Hip 60kg 130kg 60kg/80kg/100kg/120kg/130kg 1020mm×1030mm×1630mm 204
MV-016A Standing Leg Extension 60kg 130kg 60kg/80kg/100kg/120kg/130kg 1230mm×940mm×1630mm 191.5
MV-017 Calf Extension 60kg 130kg 60kg/80kg/100kg/120kg/130kg 1080mm×1610mm×1630mm 192.9
MV-018 Inner Thigh Adductor 80kg 130kg 80kg/100kg/120kg/130kg 1290mm×1210mm×1630mm 206
MV-019 Outer Thigh Abductor 80kg 130kg 80kg/100kg/120kg/130kg 1290mm×1210mm×1630mm 209